Tuesday, May 27, 2014

GIMP. Using Gradient Map Tool.

My image after editing in Lightroom5:


Today I added a little punch to it with a gradient map tool in GIMP:

It looks more dramatic.
What I did:
1. Duplicated my image.
2. Make sure FC/BC are Black/White
3. For new layer: Colors-Map-Gradient map.
4. For new layer: Mode-Soft light, Opacity - about 50%

I also want to learn how to  do color tone overlay in GIMP.
A started with this tutorial for Photo shop:

then found these two for GIMP:


I didn't want to do a split light, so I set up only Left  Point's color to kind of brown-yellowish.
I played with a gradient map tool for a while and here what I got so far (I am sure it can be improved:

JPEG from Camera (though I worked on RAW file in Lightroom5):

What I got from GIMP:

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