Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kenting National Park. Taiwan.

Grass Land at Sheding Nature Park.

Uplifted Coral Reef at Sheding nature PArk.

Chuanfan Coral Beach.

Eluanbi Park.


Asian bonitongue at National Aquarium.


Beach with a Nuclear Power Plant on the background.

South Bay.


Pine-apple plantation.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Trip to Kenting. Taiwan.

Ready to hit water.

Love this one, it's like a world inside bigger one.

My son, Tim.

There are coral reefs around Taiwan, so a lot of pieces could be found on the beach.

We lived in a hostel Travel Box in Nanwan, right across the street from South Bay.

There are not many dining choices in Nanwan, but we were lucky to live next to Aloha kitchen, where we ate the best pizza and pasta!

Pizza which is not a pizza actually, but so good!

Nanwan. South Bay.

Locals are gathering something. Mussels?