Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taipei streets.

I went today for a 15 minutes walk in our heighborhood.
Here is what I saw:

 This one I was itching to show a long time ago. Sewage system. While we live in a modern building, there are houses like that all around. I am not sure where the other stuff go, but water from sinks goes here. It stinks a bit now, but it's not hot yet. I can imagine how it smells in summer.
Government started to work on that problem a few years ago. But as I can see there is a lot of creeks like this one in our part of the town, Xindian.
They carry a lot of pollution straight to the rivers and sea.

Street vendor finished his work for today and ready to head home.

Fresh-markets like this one at every step. Prices are comparable with supermarket prices in US.

Scooters, very popular transportation here, are another pollution source in Taipei. Taipei has an amazing public transportation system: best metro (subway) I've ever seen, which is a subject for another post, and comfortable buses. You will find an electronic tableau at many stops showing when all the buses are coming.
I saw only a few electric scooters so far.
Yesterday we went to play badminton to the nearby park. The park is surrounded by hills, so even if it's windy, we can play there. In a few minutes came a man with a blowing machine to blow away a few (really, very few) leaves. He was doing his job for about 15 minutes, since he was old and slow, after which the air in the park was ruined by the gas exhaust and we had to leave. Can they replace those with some electric engine version? I hated them in US.
Another thing that makes me sad is plastic bags usage here. They use bags so thick they can last forever, but they go to the trash right away, it's just doesn't make any sense. You buy 1 apple, they try to put it in a bag which can stand a few kilograms. Whenever I buy something they try to put it in a few plastic bags, different sizes. :(

Just a window. Air conditioner, stove...all you need.

I think this car is about to get a ticket.

Trash trucks play endless music like ice-cream trucks in US, put it's primarily classic.

Food is cooked on the streets everywhere. Dumplings!

Slow day.

 Many people sell their own crop.

Cleaning after the market day is over (around 3 p.m.)

Until tomorrow.

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