Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hiking Tohickon Valley Park, Backs County, PA on November 4th

A view from High Rocks vista. There are always climbers down at that wall.

We were expecting a dam release, but apparently it wasn't a case. Water was higher than usual after Sandy, but not much. Tohickon Valley Park parking and campground were closed on that day, and we actually had hard time getting there since many roads were closed because of fallen trees and power lines repair. So we managed to get to Ralph Stover Park parking lot at High Rocks, which was open.
Thank to park stuff trail was cleared more or less already, so we could enjoy hiking.
We took red trail, which goes parallel to yellow trail, but a little bit closer to the creek toward Tohickon Valley Park.

Another view.

It was a little windy and finally, a cup of hut tea!

May be too hot!

Some of us like to distance with a bag of cheeps.

Happy moment.

Under one of a few trees still with leaves.

In a few minutes trail makes a sharp left turn. If you go down to the right, you end up at this wall.

Creek makes a turn as well, so it's very narrow here.

Scouts' log on other side.

Not a teenager yet, but close.

Sandy's trace.

Oak trees are usually brown, not this one.

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