Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cape May, NJ on September 26, 2012

September is unbelievable this year! Besides that we've gone to the beach almost every weekend in summer, we keep going though it's the end of September. Beach is almost deserted, water is still warm, what can be better? Absolutely beautiful Cape May, NJ, free of shops and amusement parks at every step on boardwalk like other places.

It's crazy, I don't like big waves.


Tim and Jahn are searching for shells.

Diving in.


Tight place. Couple minutes later I had to join to get Tim out of there. He got stuck because it was so slippery, he was afraid to move.

Arthur is having time of his life.

I am having fun.

That reminds me of my childhood. I grew up in place like that, though it was winter almost all year round. ;)

They are restless.

What she is thinking? Probably feels sorry for that creature.

Found one!

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